B2 Two Bed/Two Bath Floor Plan - Two-Bedroom Sanctuary at Allora Friendswood

Two-Bedroom Sanctuary at Allora Friendswood

Your best bet for upscale living is now open in Friendswood, Texas. Treat yourself to a two-bedroom sanctuary at Allora Friendswood. Not only can you enjoy a spacious two-bedroom luxury apartment filled with features you love, but also community amenities that make your life easier and your weekends spectacular. Why wait? Find your place in a new easy-going lifestyle only at Allora Friendswood.

Two-Bedroom Sanctuary

Nothing beats the roominess you find inside the B2 two bed/two bath luxury apartment only at Allora Friendswood. Offering 1,3,10 SF of living space, you have plenty of room for whatever you can imagine. Whether you want to adopt a roommate or grow a hobby, a second bedroom gives you all the space you need. Stretch out!

B2 Two Bed/Two Bath at Allora Friendswood

Your B2 floor plan offers plenty of room to relax in your living area and easy access to your gourmet kitchen. In addition, both bedrooms host ample walk-in closets and spa baths. Spa baths mean never having to share your vanity until you want to. So whether you are prepping for a busy day or a night out with friends, each spa bathroom can help you prepare.

Allora Luxury

Luxury is all about making your life easier and more comfortable. For example, every home features a full-size washer and dryer, so even your chores become more manageable. Other helpful appliances in the kitchen also elevate your meal prep into something fun. Life gets easier here, so dive right in.

Enjoy your two-bedroom sanctuary at Allora Friendswood and get your share of the good life. Stop waiting. Friendswood’s newest luxury community is now open – lease today!